Long & Short Of It


Unsure of the causals, but think it’s safe to say the defaming (defamation) of individuals is as commonplace, or more so, now than at any other time in the 21st century. Not blaming social media for the flinging of hatred, but it’s never been easier to publicly express an opinion (person on person).

Very recently I began acquainting myself with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). Not being Jewish, it’s an organization that’s been off my radar screen. My go-to in this area has been The Voice of Martyrs, an organization that documents the hatred and global murders of closet and self-exposed Christians. [This is very prevalent fyi]. Whether Jewish or Christian or Other, or this skin color or that, there’s really no place in the world for defamation.

Is it defamation when you point out the proven facts (E.g. so and so bribed someone to get their child into xyz college)? In most instances I’d argue not. However, when based on speculative things, that I see defamation at alarming levels and what really gets under my skin.

We often desire to take the ‘high road’ in our conversations, but when this road is taken based on speculative info, the high road taken runs the risk of being the low road. Rarely if ever can you go wrong by taking the Anti-Defamation high road.

In 2018 the ADL rebranded as an anti-hate organization “Fighting Hate for Good”. Hereafter I’m vowing to give the ADL more attention, not that the organization is perfect, because I’m sure it isn’t. I’ll be giving them more attention because their mission is so noble in the world today.


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