Long & Short Of It

Hello World! The sound of my voice tends to carry (far and wide). I say with sincerity it’s not booming so I garner more attention—-truth be told I’d rather have a softer voice. Ultra-rare is the person who wants the ‘loud and obnoxious’ label put on them (not me). You learn throughout life listening to others that volume and worthy content are apples and oranges. Some of the softest speaking individuals have the most to say so give me oranges over apples any day.

This blog is my self-made podium for attempting to dispense oranges. Naturally the worth of the content is for the recipient to decide, not the one who’s vocal. Why self-make a podium? My belief is that more hard-to-categorize individuals need to start speaking up to improve the discourse. Putting two competing easy-to-categorize humans in the arena to debate is starting to really wear on me, perhaps you also. In the vast majority of topics (not all but in vast majority) I’m not easy-to-categorize.

Concluding, my objective with the ‘Long & Short of It’ is to cause the reader to contemplate the blog message, not agree or disagree with me, but maybe rethink their own convictions. Not all topics will be serious FYI. Frequency is tbd and this INTRO has a higher word count than the average blog post. I live in the USA and not too long ago moved to California for the weather and topography, not because of any political connectedness. krd